Revenge is Best Served Cataclysmal

For those with the sheer patience and willpower to endure last night’s launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I’m sure you were bustling about and grabbing new professions, hoofing it to Hyjal or to Vashj’ir or rushing your way to realm first something or other.  Seriously, no sooner than I was able to finally log in during the Great Login Server Door Squeeze of 2010 that I was seeing Realm First Herbalism and I know for certain someone must have hit cooking before that.  Cooking was the first to go for everyone I think.  But while everyone rushed off to see the new stuff, I decided to take the opportunity of old world flight to visit an old foe.

Someone who has mocked me since I first starting playing this game in October of 2006.  Someone whose constant ravaging of my dwarven brothers has been a constant source of anger boiling deep within my black heart…   So with Old World Flying trained, I set forth on a mission of revenge:

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The Mystery of the Giant Dragonblight Skeleton

One Hundred Oddities ago I started a little blog for me to tell my silly stories and post my strange little theories so some jolly ‘net wanderer might get a few chuckles from it.  100 Oddities later, I have my own web site, I have regular readers, and I have a twitter!  So for 100 oddities of sheer wacky, demented fun, I say thank you to everyone who has every come across my site, to my regular readers an especially big thank you.  That being said, let’s proceed to my 100th Oddity…

Back when I first started this site, there was one weird thing that I had seen while traversing Northrend that I was determined to save for something special.  It was one unexplained thing that started all of these thoughts and desires to explore all the other unexplained things in Azeroth.  Just off the southern coast of the Dragonblight, along where the Path of the Titans shatters and sinks deep into the ocean floor, there is a massive dragon skeleton.  So big, that you can actually see it on the mini map.  This colossal dragon of unknown origin was the progenitor for all of Oddcraft, so with that said, I’d like to give you my very special 100th Oddity…  video:

Thank you all for 100 great fun posts! Here’s looking forward to the end of the Warchief Election next month, and the next 100 weird things we dig up together! (Speaking of digging up…  Archeology Oddities…  Oh yes…)

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Server Downtime Adventure!

This is an old video.  Extremely old.  This not only predates OddCraft, but it predates Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade.  That’s right, I made this back in Vanilla WoW.  Gives you kind of an idea about how far back the demented mentality that has been unleashed here on OddCraft goes.  Enjoy!

Before anyone asks, it was when the servers were offline.  So when the servers came back up, I was back in front of the Ironforge bank like nothing happened.  However, you can still get down there by jumping off the bridge that goes over the Great Forge.  The fire damage doesn’t do much to a level 80. Be warned if you try it though, it’s not easy to get back out.  Essentially there’s a small spot behind the water wheel where you can stand above the lava.  From here you can hearth uninterrupted.  Still, it’s fun as hell!

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Location: Shattrath City, Terrokar Forest

Faction: Neutral (Yet unrepeatable)

I was lucky enough to be passing by to catch this lovely video demonstrating a hilarious example of how to make the life of a zombie a bit more interesting.  I don’t believe you can do this, it was hotpatched or something to that like. But watch this video, as the Flight master reacts to the Shattrath Zombies, along with some WoW Economic curiosities.

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