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Confusion with Ogre Naming Conventions

One of these things is not like the other...

Location: Telaar, Nagrand

Faction: Alliance

Most races in the World of Warcraft have naming conventions.  These are normally common traits that you would find in first or last names.  They create a sense of grouping that you can easily understand.  Such as Blood Elves having names with apostrophes in them (Kael’Thas, Lor’themar, etc) or Gnomish last names pertaining to some great invention (Springseeker, Airslicer, etc).  Normally, if you know enough about the naming conventions of a society, you can usually pick out a name that sounds different.  Take demons for example.  Demons tend to have alot of X’s, Z’s or V’s in their names. Take these three and tell me if you can find the non-demon name: Xavius, Bazzalan, Galakrond.

If you said Galakrond, good for you! Give yourself a cookie.  But today’s odd bit comes from a naming convention that doesn’t necessarily make sense.  In Outland, one of the most common species of sentience creatures is Ogres.  There’s tons of them! Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Blade’s Edge. Covered with Ogres.  So you imagine that the Draenei, who were long time natives to Outland, would have some familiarity with Ogre names.  So I would like to address the attached picture to this post. Dump, Lump… or BILLY?!

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