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A (Trendy) Chat About Gender

There’s been a big buzz across the interwebs about gender in WoW. Be it how different genders are treated, or how you choose to play toons of a different gender. All the bloggers are weighing in on this hot issue, be it Windsoar over at Jaded Alt, BoF’s Zal, or Evensong to name a few. And they all raise amazingly interesting points. So I thought it would only be appropriate to attempt to cash in offer my own opinion on this hot topic, but I really don’t have much to contribute.  So I decided to call up an old colleague of mine who is the head of Gender Studies at Outland University and see if he would like to offer some insight.  I turn this post over to Professor Billy the Ogre:

Thank you for that vast insight into this heated issue, Billy. Wasn’t that interesting, folks?

…Fine fine fine, I’ll get back to writing the Stormwind Tour. /wanders off

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