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Harry Potter and the Ghouls of Silverpine

Luna and Cho without makeup

Location: Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest

Faction: Horde

Hey kids! Remember the four Wizards that started Hogwarts in your favorite series of books?  Yea! There was Godric Griffindor, and Helga Hufflepuff and a servant of the Lich King…   Wait.  What?

Yes, apparently long before there was Hogwarts, Harry, Ron or Hermoine there was Thule Ravenclaw, a wizard of Lordaeron that at the height of the Third War decided to switch sides and sign on with the Lich King’s forces.  Which leads me to wonder if Slytherin was really that bad of a house in Harry Potter…  or if they were constantly getting framed by the Ravenclaws.  I mean, we’re talking about a guy who has undead gnolls and zombies crawling all over Silverpine.

Okay okay okay.  I’ll stop mixing up my Fantasy before the Tolkien fans show up and tell me that their fandom is the “original” and “best”.  But these ghouls were probably my first double take in wandering around WoW.  I didn’t even make the Harry Potter connection while I was running around the first time, and I don’t think I’m the only one.  From browsing both WoWhead and Thottbot, I couldn’t find a comment on any of these that had anything to do with Harry Potter.  And we’re talking about websites that are reknown for having comments with far fetched theories about what certain things in the game are references to.  So why is it that no one is drawing connections to Harry Potter?  Is it because Ravenclaw has nothing to do with Undead Hyena-Men and Zombies?  Are you sure?  I mean all we know from those books is that Ravenclaw’s are smart (Smart enough to raise the dead?) and Luna and Cho are in that house.  We can’t say for certain that they’re not raising an undead army for the Lich King. Who, and lets be honest, could take some Villain lessons from Voldemort.  Ack! Sorry, I got back on the Harry Potter thought train again…  (And apparently I’m the only one…)

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Location: Shattrath City, Terrokar Forest

Faction: Neutral (Yet unrepeatable)

I was lucky enough to be passing by to catch this lovely video demonstrating a hilarious example of how to make the life of a zombie a bit more interesting.  I don’t believe you can do this, it was hotpatched or something to that like. But watch this video, as the Flight master reacts to the Shattrath Zombies, along with some WoW Economic curiosities.

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